Organic Pest Control Has Been Around for a Long Time

If you walk into just about any store today you will most likely find either a section of green or organic products. You may even be in a store filled entirely with green and organic products. Everywhere we go we see ads for green and organic food, clothing, cleaning supplies and more. Since organic products have become the new everyday product, it is not surprising that organic products are being developed into other markets as well, like pest control. It’s not just fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, clothing, and cleaning products anymore that are available in an organic version. Many pest control companies offer many solutions to solving your pest problems using green and or organic materials. In fact pest control companies have been using greener methods for quite some time; it’s just that many people were unaware of it.

organic pest control

Making a good decision for your home would include never having to put a sign like this in your yard.

Now that people are so eco-savvy it isn’t surprising that they are realizing that the need for using traditional chemical pesticides are not necessary. Considering the fact that pesticides can be harmful to your health, your home, our environment and even your pet’s health, using a green pest control product is a very good choice. Also now more than ever before, people want to be making good decisions about their homes and what they put in and around them.

Another great thing about being more eco-conscious when applying pest control prevention to your home is that many of the things do not need any type of pesticide. One of the best ways to keep your home pest free is to ensure there are no openings for pests to get into your home through. These are classic prevention tips like filling any holes, filling any cracks, filling any crevices, sealing vents with screens, making sure screens don’t have any damage, and checking around your doors and windows for gaps. The scary thing is that an opening the size of a pencil in diameter is an entry point for a mouse, even though it seems impossible an averaged sized mouse can get into a home through a hole that small. Just imagine what can get into your house if there is a larger opening. Going around your home and checking the exterior is the best thing a homeowner can do. Some even say that a door sweep is one of the best products you can use to prevent pest problems.

organic pest control

Make sure to ask pest control companies if they are IPM accredited.

As mentioned before many pest control companies have been using greener methods for years now. There is a method in the industry known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which focuses on prevention methods that reduce toxicity of their products. By using this method many pest control agents are able to target the application of organic pesticides to ensure that it does not harm people and only kills the pests. Another thing that is actually beneficial is when they use a method where the pest takes the bait back to the nest, hive, or mound and is able to kill the colony rather than spraying lots of areas where pest do not go (even if they do go there they will die quickly and it won’t be an effective method to getting rid of the entire problem). The truth is, heavy chemical pesticides are not useful in solving pest problems, and nobody wants their home and yard drenched in chemical pesticides.

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