Pest Control Problems During the Fall

As the summer heat dwindles away and the air starts to feel cooler and more crisp, pests and insects are running around not knowing what to do with themselves. For pests and insects the weather change threatens their food supply and homes. Grass, vegetation, and foliage will all change with the weather, and these are all things that pests and insects use to help them survive. Therefore, pests and insects are going to have to find a new place for food and shelter. Unfortunately, that means pests and insects will be trying to get into your home.

pest control problems during the fall

As the leaves start to turn in the fall pests start to look for new places to live. Most often pests will migrate into people's home during the fall season.

People love the fall for many reasons, some being the cool nights, the turning of the leaves, and wearing sweatshirts. Luckily people are able to add on clothing to keep themselves warm as the weather gets colder outside. Pests and insects are not so lucky. With the weather becoming colder pests and insects search for places of warmth. Usually pests and insects will migrate into attics, garages, storage areas, or the main house.

There are a couple different problems that can happen if pests and insects migrate into your home. One being that the smaller insects getting into your home will attract larger insects or pests to follow; because, the smaller insects are food for larger insects and pests. Another is that if there are no small insects for food, pests will get into your kitchens and pantries to find food. The risk with this is that many pests are carriers of diseases, and can spread them just by walking over a bowl of fruit. Another problem is that if pests are living in your attic or garage or any other area of the home they could also cause structural damage.

In any case there is a high risk of having pests invade your home, and it is best to call your local pest control company to come out. Although, there are also many things a homeowner can do on their own to help prevent pests from getting inside their homes in the first place. Overall the change of the season can affect the number of pests people may start to see around their homes. Many regions of the country have similar pests, but every state is a little different. Check out our list of states, and what the most active pests are in the fall.

If you do not see the state you reside in on this list please check back as more states are still being added to our database. Also the database is still adding more and more pests, so if you have a problem with a pests and don’t see it listed in the database please continue to visit as pests are continually being added.

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