Rats: Pack Rats Can Cause Serious Damage

Pack rats can be a huge threat to a home, and cause a lot of damage. In any case, a pack rat invasion needs to be taken seriously due to the potential problems that can occur. One problem from pack rats is from the feces they leave within a home. The problem is even more damaging if it happens in a wall or an attic, because over time the feces will deteriorate the insulation.

Another problem that pack rats can cause is wire damage within the walls. Pack rats love to chew at wires to keep their teeth sharp. Not only could it cost a lot of money to repair the wires, it potentially could cause a fire.

Also pack rats will go into cars and chew on the wires. This can be a huge problem for a couple of reasons. First, obviously is the damage pack rats can do to wires. If the car is frequently used wire damage can be extremely dangerous. If the car is not used often the pack rats can still cause just as much damage. For one, if the car just sits there, a pack rat will frequently chew on the wires. Or worse yet, pack rats will start to build a nest within the engine of the car. If pack rats move into your car, it could potentially cost thousands of dollars to repair.

rats pack rats cause damage and problems

Here is a great example of what a car looks like once a pack rat has called it home. Do not let a pack rats nest over take your car!

If a pack rat does build a nest in your car it may be very challenging to completely remove or destroy. Having to take the nest out of the car could cause more problems to the car itself, and the nest needs to be broken down in the correct manner to ensure it is completely gone. As a homeowner it is imperative to make sure the pack rat nest is completely destroyed. If the nest is not destroyed completely or worse, just left there, it will just become another pack rats home later on. Other animals live in pack rats nests so even if you think you have killed all the pack rats, there is still a risk for other pests to come live in the nest. Other pests such as spiders, snakes, kissing bugs, and even small mice may move into a pack rat nest, even if a pack rat is living there. Also if the nest is just left on or in your home and never destroyed, at some point another pack rat will find it and take over. Therefore if a pack rat nest is not destroyed properly and in a timely manner the homeowner might end up back at square one with their pack rat problem.

Any and all of these potential problems pack rats can cause can have unfortunate outcomes. Whether its wire damage in a house that causes a fire, wire damages within a car engine that causes a crash, or wire damage within a car that causes an explosion, pack rats need to be handled by a professional exterminator as soon as you see any evidence of pack rats.

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