Spiders: Black Widow Spider Prevention Tips

In general, spiders are a little harder to get rid of than your typical pest. Because spiders do not absorb things through their legs and feet like other pests, you can not just spray pesticides to keep them off your property. However there are some things that can be done to help prevent black widows from getting near your home.

With do-it-yourself-pest-control, the best remedy is fast action when you see a black widow. Pesticides will work if sprayed directly on the spider. If the spider is disturbed it may try to attack, so be cautious and keep your distance as you spray. Also, be ready to chase it if it starts running away. Another at-home remedy is leaving sticky traps around your property. This way you can trap them with out physically being around, which proves to be very helpful since they are nocturnal.

Having a professional pest control company service your home can help to prevent black widow spiders from getting near your home. That’s because black widows tend to live near their food supply which consists of other insects.  So, if your house is being maintained to keep other insects away it will not be as attractive for a black widow to make its home there.

Whether you’re having a professional exterminator come out to your home or you’re using do-it-yourself pest control, there are some additional preventative measures you can take to keep black widows away. Keep in mind that black widows like dark places and usually make their web close to the ground. Whether you’re inside your home or outside, keep your eye out for their tangled-up webs. Here are some tips to keep in mind for the inside of your home:

black widow spider prevention

A box against a wall is a black widow hot-spot.

  • Keep nothing underneath your bed.
  • Do not let your bed skirt touch the floor.
  • Try to keep your bed from actually touching the wall.
  • Keep any storage that is in your room away from the walls, it makes a perfect corner for black widows.
  • Keep your clothes and shoes in proper storage places, like hanging in the closet, dresser drawers, shoes boxes, or shoe racks.
  • When vacuuming get all of the corners, especially in dark areas, like behind and under furniture.
  • Check for any cracks or openings on walls, if present, seal them up.
  • Seal any openings in the door frame, and the threshold.
  • Check screens on doors and windows to make sure they are secure and do not have any holes. If they are not secure or have holes, replace them with new screens that fit properly and have no damage.

There are also things to do outside of your home that can help prevent black widows from settling on your property. Here are some tips for keeping your back, front, and side yard black widow free:

  • Keep grass, shrubs, and weeds trimmed; you do not want them getting too tall.
  • Keep trash, wood piles, plywood, storage and general junk away from the house (do not prop or pile against the exterior walls). Keep trash in a properly sealed trash can.
  • If you have a storage area or shed, check and/or shake any items from the shed before you use them. This is a hot spot for black widows.
  • Check and/or shake gardening equipment before using, especially gloves.
  • When doing yard work, make sure your hands are protected so they do not get bitten.

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