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Killer Bees, tips on what to do and what not to do

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

There are some basic things to keep in mind if you happen to have a run in with killer bees. Some of these steps are more of preventative methods to do at your home, in order to keep killer bees from invading. Also some of these steps can be used in everyday instances to keep from attracting killer bees. Here are some steps to keep in mind when dealing with a bee problem:

  • Check around your house to see if there are any bees coming in and out of cracks in your walls. If there are call a professional exterminator, if there aren’t have the cracks sealed in order to prevent bees coming into the crack in the future.
  • Check all vent opening and even chimneys for bees. If they are present call your local pest control service. Otherwise make sure there are no openings, and screens are sealed or added.
  • Check other objects around your property to ensure no bees are getting too comfortable. Check out our blog post on where killer bees can be located.
  • Never try to solve the problem yourself. Bees can be disturbed very easily, and if you try to get rid of them yourself there is a huge risk of being attacked. Please call your local pest control service company.
  • Due to the fact that killer bees can be disturbed by minuscule things like vibrations, be more alert when using a lawn mower, blower, hedge trimmers, or any other electrical device that makes vibrations and or loud noises.
  • Keep kids and pets inside when doing these types of outdoor activities in case killer bees do get set off by the yard work.
  • Wear lighter toned colors when outside. Either if you’re in your backyard, running errands, or on a hike.
  • Keep in mind your location and surroundings. If you were to be attacked where is the safest place to run to? For more about what to do if stung read our killer bee sting first aid blog.

Here is a short list of some easy things not to do if you have a run in with killer bees; or to prevent bees from attacking:

  • Try to avoid wearing citrus or floral scents, like perfumes, lotions, or after shave.
  • If near flowers or a garden and see bees, do not panic. Bees are only harmful when something threatens them. In most cases they are getting pollen which is very helpful.
  • Do not keep your pets penned or tethered near potential bee hive spots. See our blog on where killer bees are located for a full list.
  • Do not jump in a pool to avoid killer bees; they will just wait for you!
  • Never ever try to remove a bee hive without professional help, call your local pest control service to come and remove any hives that you find.