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Rats: Roof Rats, How to Keep Them Outside of Your Home

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

The common points of entry are any opening in the attic area, shingles on the roof, screen covers for windows and doors, and any general holes in the outer structure of the home. Once all measures have been taken to seal the outside of a home there should be no way for the rats to enter. The one downfall is that the roof rats can still be lurking on your property.

  • An exterminator or you should walk the property and carefully examine the exterior walls. Pay attention higher up too as roof rats are crawlers.
  • Check all points of entry to the house. Doors, windows, vents, etc. if they are covered with a screen make sure it is intact correctly.
  • Examining the roof is important as well, because roof rats like to crawl up into high spaces that is a good spot for them to get into the attic.
  • If your roof is tiled make sure the gaps are sealed.

To be on the safe side these things can be left for the professionals to do, either an exterminator or even a handy man. Even though your house can be protected from roof rats entering there are other places where roof rats will live, learn more about where roof rats live. There are also things a home owner can do to prevent roof rats from hanging out on their property.