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Camel spider myths

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Not only can people not figure out what a camel spider is upon seeing it, they also don’t know what to believe about it. There are many rumors and myths about camel spiders. Some have been around as long as the camel spider. While others were started in the early 1990’s during the Gulf War. While troops were stationed in the desert they came across the camel spider, and many crazy stories came from them about the camel spider. None have ever been proven true, and some are obvious exaggerations of the camel spider’s natural being. Here are some of the most known myths of camel spiders:

  • They have been named the camel spider because they feed on camels.
  • They eat camel’s stomachs, and eat the whole thing becoming the size of the camel’s stomach.
  • They feed on living flesh, and eat the flesh while people are sleeping.
  • They are venomous, and their venom is actually an anesthetic.
  • They lay eggs inside stomachs of camels.
  • Can jump up to 4 feet in the air.
  • Can run as fast as a moving vehicle, up to 25 miles per hour.
  • They chase people.
  • While they run, which they do, they scream.

Some of these myths are partly true, but have been exaggerated and or taken out of context. For instance the one about screaming while they run, camels spider’s leg make a noise when they run. Hence the screaming sound is actually their leg noise, and has been exaggerated into this crazy myth.