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Pest Control Problems During the Summer

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Summer is a time of the year when many people want to avoid the heat. We are able to do this by staying in our air conditioned homes. Pests also want to avoid the heat, but unfortunately they do so by getting into our air conditioned homes. Summer is one of the worst seasons for pest problems. Not only are pests trying to get into people’s homes, but there are more pests than usual. Now that spring has passed the entire population of baby pests are now adults and looking for shelter. Another way people avoid the heat in the summer is to get into a refreshing pool of water, whether in a below ground or above ground pool. The problem that can come with being in the pool is that there is a lot of maintenance to do to keep a pool clean in order to swim and relax in it. If pools are not kept clean they can become sources for pests to come and drink water, or worse yet, mosquitoes can breed.

pest control problems during the summer

This is a very refreshing looking pool. It obviously is maintained very well. Anyone could spend their whole summer soaking the sun up in this pool.

pest control problems during summer

Here is a pool that no one would want to swim in, except for maybe mosquitoes. This pool obviously has not been maintained at all.

Also during the summer many pests lose their food supply because the vegetation dies. Therefore pests try to get into homes in search of food. In some instances pests actually get a growth in their food supply. For spiders they feed on small insects, and the small insects are all migrating toward the homes in search of shelter and food so the spiders will also migrate towards homes in search of food. This exact reason is why doing year round preventative maintenance is beneficial, to always keep pests away so they don’t attract other pests.

Some of the pests that you will definitely notice an increase in are the flying insects and stinging insects. Most of the stinging insects stay outside, but are still harmful to the property of your home and your family, when outdoors. Even though many people like to stay inside with the air conditioning many people spend their summer time in the pool, sprinklers, or Slip and Slides. While outdoors it is very important to be aware of your surroundings so that you do not disturb any bees, hornets, or wasps.

pest control problems during summer

Here are some bees that have found a can of tea. Be careful with drinks outside because a bee could land on one while you are not looking, and if you reach for the can you may get stung.

pest control problems during summer

Whenever you have food outdoors be extra cautious and keep everything covered. Otherwise your food will be invested with ants, like in this photo.

Another outdoor activity that many people do during the summer, depending on how hot it is, is to picnic or barbecue. Again while outdoors be aware of the insects that fly by you, and that there are no nests near by. Eating outdoors can also attract other pests as they are in search of food. So while eating outdoors keep everything covered, or serve the food indoors then bring it outside. Also be careful of your drinks as pests need water to survive – they like sugary liquids.

pest control problems during summer

If you are eating a drinking outdoors always pick up your trash. Anything left behind can attract ants, bees, or other pests.

pest control problems during summer

Having pests attack food left behind can be a major problem. Especially if the food is dropped on your property. This is an open invitation for other pests no matter where the food is dropped at.

Water is a huge problem with pests in the summer. Since their water supply is usually cut short they have to search for it. Plus mosquitoes breed in water, so it might be good to drain ponds, drain bird baths and remove any sources of standing water. Of course you don’t want to drain your pool, but hopefully the chlorine will keep the pests at bay. This is also important because you do not want mosquitoes breeding as they spread diseases like many of the other pests. Moisture can happen inside your home too; so, make sure to open your foundation vents so that your home can breathe a little. Another helpful thing to do is make sure that your clothes dryer vent does not go into a crawl space; this can cause moisture that pests will seek out within your home.

The best thing to do to avoid pest problems in the summer is to maintain your home so pests can’t get inside. Check out our list of prevention tips to do year round so that pests can’t get into your house. Also just be aware of your surroundings while outside as many pests will still be outside. Here is a list of the most popular summer pests by state:

If you do not see the state you reside in on this list please check back as more states are still being added to our database. Also the database is still adding more and more pests, so if you have a problem with a pest and don’t see it listed in the database please continue to visit as pests are continually being added.

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